A growing Dutch interest for the USA

Last year, again more people from the Netherlands chose the United States as their holiday destination. Although official figures have to be confirmed (expected end June) Verkeersbureaus.info, the holiday inspiration website, concludes this by analyzing sources and a recently held survey. As well, the first quarter of 2016 showed an increase, 38% more traffic.

These numbers show an increasing interest for the USA market by affluent Dutch travelers. With the increasing offer of cheap online flights, who push mobile phone users, a trip is easily planned. As much as 18(!) direct daily flights from Amsterdam to the USA make it easy to choose a destination.


Just like 2014 and 2015 Patrick Mulder from Verkeersbureaus.info will be present at IPW. He will participate in New Orleans as an invited international journalist. He is happy to share insights about the Dutch market with USA destinations, hotels and attractions and show the high value of Benelux travelers. During IPW Mr. Mulder will share the latest travel figures from the year 2015.

Bucket list campaign

To promote the lesser known areas in the USA the #vkBucketlist campaign was started. Both Portland, OR and Minneapolis, MN were part of the bucket list campaign. The marketing results gave a very good ROI and had a great value for the destinations. The campaign ran on Instagram and Facebook and was supported by dedicated newsletters to Dutch consumers. The total reach was almost 91,000!

“Thanks for this great result Patrick”
— Vincent van Leeuwen/BuroSix responsable for Portland & Oregon


New Brand USA brochure and VisitUSA the Netherlands

In the new Brand USA brochure Verkeersbureaus.info is distributing in PDF on the Dutch market, a section about the Dutch market has been added. For the first time the VisitUSA the Netherlands committee is listed together with all of its members. This way Dutch travelers can easily find which tour operators, airlines and other companies offer trips to the USA.

76% of the Dutch choose to download the BrandUSA brochure

76% of the Dutch choose to download the BrandUSA brochure

USA Go Wild event

The last weekend of September the biggest USA experience, USA Go Wild event will take place, an event coordinated by Annonu, Target Travel Marketing and Visit USA the Netherlands. This event, with an exclusive trade night and 2 days for consumers, will promote the USA in 3 themes: cities, adventure/nature and beaches. Verkeersbureaus.info is mediapartner for this event.

“There is a need for an earlier orientation of travel to long haul destinations, such as the USA. And not an orientation in the traditional way, with basic booths manned by people, talking about all possibilities but by experiencing taste, sound, feelings and emotions.”
— Hanny Fluit Target Travel Marketing


National Parks Adventure & Telegraaf newspaper

In a close cooperation with the biggest Dutch “De Telegraaf” Verkeersbureaus.info published an editorial article about the Must visit national parks in the USA in 2016. Readers could join a sweepstake to win 2 entrance tickets for the Omniversum to go see the movie. In total 3,780 people joined the sweepstake. The film itself was rated a high 8.2 on a scale from 0-10. The press was very positive about the movie:

  • In de film kruipt het reizigersbloed waar het niet gaan kan (Freely translated as: In the movie the travellers blood is crawling where it is not possible to go)
    Newspaper Algemeen Dagblad
  • Fan-tas-tic!
    Kampioen, by ANWB, the biggest holiday magazine with over 1,2 million members
  • Wat er de overige 44 minuut voorbij komt is om van te watertanden. Een erg mooie en spectaculaire film die ook geschikt is voor kinderen (What the remaining 44 minutes will show is mouth-watering. A very beautiful and spectacular film that is suitable for children)
    Oppad.nl, outdoormagazine


The list of destinations that are featured on the platform is growing rapidly. This is a list of current partners:

  • Explore Minnesota
  • Colorado Marketing Connections
  • Mall of America
  • Visit Denver
  • Meet Minneapolis
  • South West Idaho
  • Idaho Department of Commerce
  • Walt Disney Company
  • On Location Tours
  • Aviareps Tourism
  • Brand USA

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