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Verkeersbureaus.info offers an approachable way to highlight your destination on the Dutch market. You supply text of 100 words, an image or YouTube video and we translate and publish this on your own dedicated page at www.verkeersbureaus.info. Because we publish your press releases too your news is distributed at the speed of light.

Verkeersbureaus.info, is a complete website for holiday-planning including

  • inspirational and practical information about more than 275 destinations worldwide
  • visual experiences through photos and movies
  • personal journeys as told by our well-traveled editors
  • inspirational blogposts from our growing team of contributors

Our editors attend presstrips and mediafams and have good contacts with dutch traveljournalists and travelbloggers. We are member of journalist organizations.

Focus your marketing efforts on people who are likely to travel.

A typical visitor to Verkeersbureaus.info is 40+ years of age, well-educated, above average income, and are planning to travel in the near future.

A partnership with Verkeersbureaus.info supports you with strategic online marketing

At no additional charge, we will publish five press releases with a direct link to your website, resulting in an improved Google ranking. Through our collaboration with Google, your press releases are findable within minutes after publication in Google News and shared daily by e-mail, social media and our RSS partners. Our unique collaboration with De Telegraaf/Reiskrant ensures an even greater range and a media value of €7.500 per publication. Check Dallas.

For what companies

De package is suitable for:

  • Destinations, CVB’s, DMO’s
  • National Tourist Boards
  • Amusement parks
  • Carrental companies
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Incoming touroperators

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